Ableton's 'Edit > Quantize Settings' available in the clip editor

It would be very handy to have Ableton’s ‘Edit > Quantize Settings… ⇧⌘U’ to be available in the clip editor.


I work with the touchAble Pro in conjunction with my piano most of the time, and when I’m tracking midi I very often like to be able to quantize with a percentage. At the moment the default functionality of quantize in the touchAble Pro clip editor is to quantize with the Grid Setting, which is a hard quantize, no matter what your previously set quantize settings were.

I think having the parameters available in settings would be workable, a menu in the clip editor would be great!

Anyway, I am a huge fan of the touchAble Pro, thanks for this great tool she really takes music production to the next level!

Cheers Joris

Hi Joris,

I just checked the Live 10.1 API and unfortunately i couldn’t find the quantize settings. Maybe they will add it in a later version. Do you know, if these settings are available via Push/2?



Hi Pascal, thank you for your response, the push(+2) has this setting available:

When holding down the quantize button, the third knob is for Quantize Amount:

From manual


that is good to know, maybe Ableton will make this feature public in near future. Some of the Push features are not yet part of the public API.



Thanks for your reply,

I hope it will be a future feature, it would really improve the tracking work flow.

Cheers Joris