About how Editor Module templates are saved

Hi guys,

I have some questions about how Templates are saved in the Editor Module.

So first question:

Are templates also saved according to the Live set project name?
I know templates are saved in the App but is there a relation to the Live project where they were initally created?

Also when a template is saved are all the pages saved within it or does the “Template” refer to each unique page?

I’m asking this because in the editor I’ve made a template on page 3, but oddly it will only load with a certain project name. Even trying tp open it from a saved backup on the App doesn’t work.

Tried everything but can’t get Touchable to load the full template i built which consisted of 3 pages.
Only page 1 and 2 will load.

So could you please explain me how Template saving works?


Hey Andre,

We changed this behaviour in the latest update - up until now they were saved per set - the problem was that we have no way to get the actual name of the set. Also, sets that have not been saved won’t be able to restore the templates.

So the way we do it now is the ‘old’ way: the last used templates will be restored, and you are able to export / import templates via your own names. Simple but effective and stable :wink:

When a template is saved, it will always save the whole 7 pages - but they should open regardless of the set you are on.Controls that do not find a fitting Parameter should just display ‘Invalid Parameter’
Maybe something else goes wrong during the import. Could you try this again with the latest app update?