ARM and SOLO Buttons (Toggle Behaviour) problem while in Editor Mode

Hi guys,

I just came across a bug when trying to create 8 buttons in the editor to arm or solo tracks.

Ok so if I try to do the same for Mutes it works as expected, I just have to set the button to work as toggle and I directly point to each Mute on the specific track. All good :slight_smile:

But when trying the same for ARM or SOLO buttons the toggle Light feedback behaviour on Touchable doesn’t reflect the light state in Live.
This means for example, in the case of having say like 8 Arm buttons for the first 8 tracks, that there is no way to know from touchable which track is or isn’t armed since the button lighting on Touchable isn’t working as toggle despite having it set to be.


can confirm. Our Buttons just have two states at the moment (On/Off). And the arm/solo parameters do have 3 states, since we support to non exclusively arm tracks with the add mode.

Anyway we fixed the issue and it will be part of the next or the update thereafter. But you probably have to delete the old arm buttons and replace them with new ones.



Great news thanks Pascal!

Anyway what did you thought about the idea for having dedicated midi CCs for moving to specific Banks while in device mode? Right Now we have the possibility of moving the Bank up or Down but it would be awesome if we could move to specific Banks instead of having to scroll along all banks to get to that last parameter. I’m taking the VSTs as an example since there are a lot of parameters.

Would it be possible to add this feature in the Midi settings of Touchable aswell :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

Read your other post, too :).

To be honest, i still do not know how to answer this question: We do not want to put to much work in the generic device view, since we still plan to release the device editor soon, which would probably solve all vst/au template related questions ;). Unfortunately it is still in the works/needs to be tested.

Makes sense I understand :slight_smile: Really looking forward to see this so long time awaited feature! :smiley: