Audio bus compatibility

I don’t know if it’s possible but I would love to see Audiobus comparability for this app. It would be amazing to be able to integrate the many iPad apps I have into my ableton workflow. Is this something you are considering for the future?

do you mean timing or actual transfer of audio etc?

I’m interested in using actual audio. I have some great FX modules on my iPad that would be great to have access to in live. In and ideal setup I’d like to use MPE synths from my iPad and be able to mix and monitor the audio inside of ableton.

zerodebug also make an app called studiomux that does exactly what you’re looking for.


Thanks, I’ll check it out

Hi Christian , I think it,s interesting the idea of getting audiobus compatibility in touchable pro.On a live performance scenario you could fast switch between touchable pro and audiobus3 via midi cc assign on the last one, without the need to press iPad home button nor swap on the screen to change app. Just the same way any other app loaded via audiobus, currently I have various synths loaded on AB3 like Zeeon, patterning etc… and You can switch them very fast via midi, but switching from audiobus to touchable is slower and then you have to repeat the process to get back to audiobus , wich is a bit consuming to mantain focus and “flow” on live performance.

Just my two cents for this !