Bug List


  1. Renaming Pages

On the official Touchable Pro release holding a page will show a context menu where we can rename the page.
On the latest beta holding a page doesn’t show the context menu, so it’s impossible to rename pages.

  1. Module: Mixer

Some configurations and settings on the modules are not saved upon reloading/restarting.
Things like +0db, crossfader assignments, are not saved.

Also If a Mixer module as been added into a Page there is a bug with the track number not matching with the number of faders.

Here is an example where I’ve set it up correctly but after reloading it gets displayed wrong.
Looking at the bellow part of the image you can see that there are 11 tracks but only 8 faders.
The top view, which shows the default mixer module (without being added to a Page) displays correctly.
When I added this module to pages I set the track number to 11 but when reloading it will always default to 8, that’s why is displays wrong everytime Touchable loads.

Also if the mixer Module is added to a page and the “Crossfader” is selected, the next time you reload the template it will only show the crossfader which occupies the whole screen. To fix this you’ll have to disable and re-enable it again, or in other words set it up again.

Still on the Mixer Module the sends aren’t being shown when this module is added into a page.

  1. Modules: Clips

In touchable Preferences I have checked both:

  • Jump to Current Playing clip
  • Follow Currently Selected Scene.

Double tapping the Track name on Clips Module will make touchable move to focus on the playing clip.
Although this works for the Module itself, when this module is added into Pages this doesn’t work and also these preferences are ignored.

  1. Naming Templates

I’ve made a previously post about this. I thought that by don’t using Capslock in Template naming, should have fixed the issues I was having about names being duplicated on the menu templates list, but it happened again.

I restarted Live now and when trying to open my template it doesn’t open anymore.
Luckily, a couple of hours ago I’ve made a backup of the template I’m currently working on. (through exporting it)

When I import this template into Touchable Pro it opens it, but my guess is that every time I need to Save it, I’ll eventually get this problem again.

So as right now every time I need to save the template I’m currently working on, I also have to export it to avoid losing all my work, if for some reason, which I don’t understand, the Template stops opening on Touchable Pro.

This to me so far, is what I consider to be critical since there’s a high risk of losing all the work done so far on the Editor.
I’ve already had to rebuild some parts of my template due to this so please have o look on it asap.

All the best


thanks for the super detailed feedback. What we have done so far:

  1. Renaming pages
  2. config. storage mixer
  3. mixer grid follows track grid in editor now (and the other way around)
  4. crossfader issue

In its current version, the following features will only in editor, when the module is linked to the set:

  • Jump to Current Playing clip
  • Follow Currently Selected Scene.


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Great to know! :slight_smile: Anyway I checked the TestFlight and the new version is not yet showing up, maybe due to the time it takes for it to be approved? Anyway is the final release being updated too or are you guys mainly working in the beta? If so it would be nice for people to know as well since there have been many changes in the beta that are not present in the final release.

When I get me hands on the latest beta i’ll let you know :slight_smile:
All the best!

We will upload the new beta today, though it will probably need a couple of days to be reviewed. The new release version will also be release in the next couple of days, haven’t released the changes yet.


i still have the same mixer storage problem as shown in the picture above…