Can Touchable Pro display automation in plugin view?

Hi - new Touchable user here and i have to say it’s absolutely brilliant - One thing I’ve noticed (I think in one of the other threads someone else kinda already said this) but automation, for example on a wavetable synth where lfo is changing wavetable position and things like that that you can visually see happening in Live don’t show in the GUI on the iPad version…

Am I doing something wrong? I figured maybe it was a preference in Live where you had to activate the ability for Live to send data to the device as well as receive it?

Or is this just not possible and if so will it be in an update? I mean, the software and integration is awesome but having a visual representation where parameters and graphics animate to follow the automation would obvs be super useful!

Also - NI and other 3rd party plugins don’t seem to have any kind of instantly mapping macros either - again, i may just have not found it yet as I only DL’d the program yesterday but this would also be super useful!