Can't open Liveset running Touchable Pro on Live 10.0.5 (WIN/OSX)

Hi guys,

So running my liveset with Touchable Pro on Live 9.7.7 works fine both in Osx and Win.

But trying to open it on Live 10.0.5 the computer freezes on startup…
I tried both in Osx and Win and the symptoms are the same.

Both machines have the v418 release installed and I’m running the last beta App.

I’m I missing something here? Really need some help please :slight_smile:


Update #1

I left my macbook open all night while trying to load Touchable Pro and It appears that Touchable Pro is opening but it is taking a lot of time. On Live 9.7.7 it would open pretty fast but in 10.0.5 it just freezes the DAW everytime .

Anyway when changing a parameter with mouse the DAW will freeze for a couple of seconds. I’m guessing this has something to do with the Touchable Server…

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the issue, but we guess that it is related to some issues in the current script. We reviewed it and found some possible bugs. The new server + scripts will be released asap. Best