Device Banks Navigation Idea

Just one thing I remember that we talked way back still on Touchable 3 if i remember.

So right now while in device module at the bottom we have 2 navigation options. Either go up or down in Banks of parameters and left or right in regards to devices on the selected track and sends.

It would be great to have a way for in Touchable Pro to select a specific bank of parameters specially when dealing with VTS that may have a lot of parameters.

So for example in push when in device mode control there are dedicated buttons to go to specific banks, only after 8 bank it will eventually scroll either right or left, but at the least there is a way for quickly accessing specific banks.

The advantages of this are that for example in a Synth scenario let’s say Diva we could have everything organised by groups like: ADSR, Filtering and so on.

In theory there are various ways of doing this, I think from all the options I thought about and probably the one that would be easy to implement in touchable without changing any layout or code, would be for in the preferences to create a tab dedicated to banks of parameters.

So in this tab there would be 8 lines refering to each Bank (Bank1… Bank 8) that we could write the name of each bank as well as the midi and cc channel that would be use to select the Bank in question.

Then in Custom module we could build 8 buttons that correspond to these 8 predefined Banks CC and Midi channel. This way we could now have buttons to select each specific bank.

This idea would also not get in conflict with people either using 8 or 16 fader mode, since the banks would always be relative to the option selected in Touchable preferences.

At this moment this the only thing I’m missing in Touchable Pro for a total and quick control of VSTs.

Another way, but then again, it would depend on how the script is built, would be to allow the Clyphx Pro script to send Control Surface actions.
For example in Clyphx Pro there is an action that does precisely this [ ] CS “Control Surface name” DEV BANK “number”. But when trying to use it on touchAble Pro it doesn’t work. Probably because both scripts work different ways… so I understand :slight_smile: but coming from a person that works with both of them I just can’t imagine how it would be if both scripts could communicate better with each other. Many ideas pop to my mind…

Ok so what do you think about this idea?

Best regards!