Drumrack pad selection - feedback on the simpler device selected

Hi! I am using a lot the drumrack device and love to use long samples and copy them to pads on the go. I normally start with one long sample on a pad and change the start point manually and I found this new Simpler with wave visual is excellent ( push2 like!).

  1. I would love to be able to activate a two layer template, and use on the top a simpler device
    and in the bottom a drumpad controller and be able to touch a pad and get that same sample visually on the top part. (like in push 1 or 2)

  2. It would be awesome to be able to get a 64 pads version of the drum controller on the app!

  3. It would be awesome too to be able to duplicate (with a duplicate button) samples from the drum controller section!

Thank you for this awesome app!


the 64 pad version of the drum controller could look like this! I would be really nice to fingerdrum on this layout (and edit samples on the go too!)

It would be awesome to implement a stepsequencer like in Push too, using the drum controller page!

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+1 on these requests

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Noted and put on our list :slight_smile:
great idea(s)! We will implement it, but probably not before we release the app as 1.0.

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Any updates about this thread? Thanks!

Any updates about 64 pad function and the selection of samples by pressing on pads to be able to to modify the start point of it in another window?


its already on our list, but the current update will mainly focus on stabilty issues. when it’s done we start to implement new features.