Editor - Mixer Module not showing sends

Hi guys!

I just noticed that when adding the mixer module in the editor, sends aren’t been displayed.

From the right menu the only controls are:

  • Volume
  • Panning
  • Toggles
  • I/O

It would be great to also have access to the sends from here.

As right now I’m using Touchable Pro mainly in Editor Mode with both up and down views. Because each editor allows for 7 pages I’m finding that this approach is way more fast since we can access any module be pressing any one of the pages. Also this allows for various combinations which is awesome and also we gain a little more space since the top Touchable Pro Menu stays hidden which is also safer since it avoids accidental touches on the main menu.

Because of this it would be great that all modules we add on the editor have all the options available.

One thing I would like to ask you guys is about the Saving method.

As I said right now I’m using 3 pages on the top view and another 3 on the bottom view.
When I save this template are all the pages saved as well?
I noticed that each time I open Touchable Pro for example the 0db option (which I have enabled) isn’t saved, so each time I have to do this again.

Also sometimes if Touchable Crashes when reopening it it won’t load my template. If I try to Load it from the menu sometimes it won’t open as well (It has happened to me twice lately). When this happened the only way I got it to open was from importing it again from a Backup.

About renaming Pages, how is this done now? Previously when holding any page menu it would open a context menu where we could rename the page, copy it and save it (only the page). Right now when I press and hold a page it only shows “Paste”.

Best regards :slight_smile:


  1. We found the bug that sometimes could cause the deletion of the template should be now much safer.
  2. Sends are now part of the Editor Mixer Module
  3. 0db will be stored within the module.
  4. Renaming will be possible via longtapping the preview button of a certain page.