Fixed length recording

It would be great if fixed length recording was independent of global quantization
As on push 2, allowing you to say trigger a 2 bar recording after 4 bars.
Also I noticed that the 4bar option incorrectly reads 5bars.

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Great idea! It’s on our list!

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New member/user here. I’m loving all the incredible features of this app but the main draw for me was the fixed length recording. I was pretty disappointed to see that it’s locked to global quantization (assuming I’m not missing something).

For me this essentially makes the feature unusable. If I I want to create an 8 bar fixed length clip with “One Tap Recording” I have to wait for the 8 bar quantization cycle to finish before the clip starts recording. This means I can be waiting up to a minute (depending on tempo) for a clip to start recording.

Is this feature still on the list? Another nice option would be to have fixed length clips longer that 8 bars as an option, say 16/32/64. Not sure if this is limited by Live itself as Global Quant is limited to 8 bars.

Appreciate all that you do!