Incoming midi signal "recorded"

TouchAble pro is not receiving recorded midi notes, Iso grid, pads, keys are not lighting up. The only midi signal I can see coming in is in Mixer Mode

IPAD 2 - Version 9.3.5


unfortunately touchAble doesn’t receive MIDI from Live at all. The MIDI signal visible on empty MIDI tracks is just a MIDI level indicator provided by Live’s API, it doesn’t contain any information about the actual MIDI signal.



Hi to all the great team !
i just bought midimux from you . And it’s a really great app . i just used it with the lemur app . Then i don’t have the lemur daemon connected to the loopmidi connected to live … Just midimux server ! and it’s perfect !! Thanks !
And finally my question is . Touchable Pro does not have inbuild midi feedback from live . I don’t know if it’s planned , perhaps because the possibilities go already further with the API from ableton used in Touchable pro ? But There are big limitation. Moving a track or the device make the app loose the id (or worse for now :slight_smile: ). It is already the case in touchable 3 (not the worse part :wink: ).
Then my question : Why not implementing a “special” connection between midimux and touchable ? that could allow user to connect in midi bi-direction (if it’s not possible from touchable pro) ? …or something like that ?
Thanks !
Have a good dinner ! :wink:

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