IOS (iTunes) "A duplicated file name was specified."

On IOS (iTunes App Sharing) When trying to copy the “Layouts” folder from Touchable Pro to the computer I’m getting an error:

“A duplicated file name was specified.”

So at this moment I can’t backup this folder.

Btw when naming the templates are CAPS ignored?



I’ve deleted all templates and re-installed touchable pro latest Beta. Then i renamed the Template that I’m currently working on to small caps “gman top view”.
Previously my templates had Caps and I guess that Touchable Pro doesn’t like this because each time I saved a template that had Caps on it, it would show a duplicated file with small caps on the list.
I guess this was why I couldn’t save the “Layouts” folder to the computer. Can you test this?

Also I found some other bugs this week. I’ll sumarize it it all on a single post so it can be easier for you guys.

Best regards