MIDI Devices and Plugins not reseting when Double Tapping Parameter (UPDATE!)

MIDI Devices (Arpeggiator, Chord, etc…) not reseting when double tapping.
The same applies to plugins.

I just noticed that this only happens if midi devices are inside a rack.

Please fix this.


Hi, works fine for me, would you please test again after we have released the next update. Best

Hi pascal, this only happens on the Latest Beta showing up TestFlight. (0.9.926)

Any news about upcoming update allowing for the 16 parameter option? Ando also if this is going to be first released in the beta can you please fix the midi devices and VST double tapping as well?

The thing is that because of these 2 things missing in the beta I’ve been forced to use the final release, so if you update the 16 parameters only in the beta than I’m left with: either working with the beta for having access to 16 parameters but missing the double tapping on VSTs and Midi devices or sticking to the latest build which has this working good but still not having access to the 16 parameters.


Will upload a beta later this evening including 16 faders option. And working parameter reset (at leaset for me). Best

Great Pascal! Thanks :slight_smile:

Anyway I just re-downloaded the beta version showing up on the Testflight (0.9.926) to try again and still couldn’t get the midi devices and VST double tapping reset to work.

Reverted back to the latest official built version 4.2.6 and from there it works.

Anyway I’ll keep refreshing the Testflight during this afternoon :slight_smile:
Btw, will it be shown in Testflight as 0.9.927?

hi new version will be 0.9.941, should be available now.

I checked now and it says 0.9.929.

I downloaded it anyway but I’m not seeing any option for changing to 16 parameters. Where is it?

Sorry my fault, was the internal beta, the external is waiting for review. Best

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been with too much things going on but just to say that from the tests I’ve done it all seems to be finally working for me now :slight_smile:

16 parameters is now working like it was ou Touchable 3 and also the double tapping it’s also working on the beta as well.

Thanks you so much guys!
If I find anything I’ll let you know. All the best :slight_smile:

Ok too soon :slight_smile:

Found a bug while in 16 mode fader.

In Bank 1 all parameters follow the first 16 parameters on a VST, but when jumping to Bank 2 instead of the 1 parameter in touchable correspond to parameter 17 in the VST it instead corresponds to parameter 9.
So after Bank 1 the rest of the Banks get offseted to the previous 8.

Hi, yes there was one bad line of code… arg. Will upload a new beta today. Best