OSX: Latest Server & Scripts Package: 428

The current Server version for OSX is 428:


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Updated to v. 418

Fixes in Script:

  • It is now possible to load Samples from the User Folder.
  • Fixed a possible crash of Live that could happen when selecting the Control Surface.

updated to v. 422

Fixes in Script:

  • fixed a critical issue that could make it impossible to connect
  • fixed an issue that could make Ableton Live crash on connection
  • fixed a compatibility issue with Live 9.7.7
  • Improved loading & processing times

Additions to Server:
Added ‘Studio Mode’ which, when activated, will block the creation of extraneous undo points while sending control-commands. This could be a hassle even without actively using touchAble.


updated to v. 423

Fixes in Script:

  • removed popup that could appear in the app when using Studio Mode. This will not be an issue anymore after the coming app update.


updated to v. 424

Fixes in Script:

  • Fixed several critical issues that could hinder loading the Set in touchAble.
  • Severely improved performance in Live while touchAble is connected (especially when loading a set, adding / deleting tracks etc)

This update is highly recommended to everyone!


updated to v. 428

Changes in Script:

  • Improved performance and loading times
  • Fixed several smaller issues in the script.
  • Enhanced compatibility with older versions of Live 9.
  • Fixed Crash that could happen when loading an AU device
  • Fixed possible freeze when rapidly reloading sets.
  • Added Song Loop listener


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