Preview functionality for the Library/Browser ?

Maybe this does exist somewhere/how in Touchable, but I can’t see or find it.
When browsing the library for racks/decides/sounds - it would be grand to have the preview trigger exposed in Touchable as well (i.e. a little loud-speaker/wave sign next to the item in question [if there is a preview, that is. I’m waiting for years for Live to fix up their shitty library system - i.e. with a full tag/taxonomy system… but what we got is 7 colours, i.e. collections, instead… so it’ll probably be years until they release an updated library system… seeing they attempted something in Live9, and shipped it in a half baked/broken state, which it has been in ever since…])


unfortunately we haven’t found a way to preview any other sounds sounds from touchAble, than the ones from the sample library. As far as i know there is now way to do this with Live current API, but i will have look later.



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