Push style Sequencer ? chord/progression mode?

Is there any plans to have some type of built in sequencer like Push? Or how about a chord or progression mode on the controller page, along with the scale mode?


It’s already on our list for a future update. But it will be a lot of work, so do not expect it too early :).


Nice! Can’t wait to see that implemented whenever it does come.

How about chord progression mode along with the scale mode?

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Sorry if i didn’t get you right, do you mean some kind of auto chord suggestion for progressions, based on the chosen scale? Could you give me an example or a link to a similar tool?


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Are there any news about a step sequencer for the Pro Version? It’s one of the most interesting features! Lot of people will stay on Push until this step is finished

Pascal - Chordmode I’m thinking of… Say if I select C major then all the diatonic chords eg Dm Em Fmaj G7 Am Bm7b5, are available with one button press.

Or perhaps a very simplified version of Scaler VST ?

I have a kordbot with lays out chords based on type and root. Example, press the maj7 button then press C for a Cmaj7 or press m7 button and A for Am7. This would be awesome too!

I know that’s a lot to ask. Lol…perhaps the sequencer is enough to make us happy.
Thanks again!

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Have you made any progress on the Push style sequencer and/or a step sequencer of any kind? Also, if you implemented a chord tool similar to the m4L “Simple Chord” device, that would be amazing.

I do have some suggestions though:
-when pressing “Fold” on the piano roll, make the lanes with notes show up at the top instead of the bottom like in Live.
-when implementing a Push style step sequencer in touchAble PRO, add more functions than are present on the Push 2 like maybe adding the ability to assign a Groove template of some sort for each individual sound or pad that the sound resides on.
-speaking of Groove templates, would there be a way to add a Groove template/swing function that’s unique to touchAble that we can use to manipualte our midi tracks inside touchAble before the midi gets recorded or shows up in Live? I’ve been yearning for something like this for a while. It would be really amazing to apply Grooves to individual sounds.

Thanks for a great app and tool.