Push style Sequencer ? chord/progression mode?

Is there any plans to have some type of built in sequencer like Push? Or how about a chord or progression mode on the controller page, along with the scale mode?

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It’s already on our list for a future update. But it will be a lot of work, so do not expect it too early :).


Nice! Can’t wait to see that implemented whenever it does come.

How about chord progression mode along with the scale mode?

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Sorry if i didn’t get you right, do you mean some kind of auto chord suggestion for progressions, based on the chosen scale? Could you give me an example or a link to a similar tool?


Are there any news about a step sequencer for the Pro Version? It’s one of the most interesting features! Lot of people will stay on Push until this step is finished

Pascal - Chordmode I’m thinking of… Say if I select C major then all the diatonic chords eg Dm Em Fmaj G7 Am Bm7b5, are available with one button press.

Or perhaps a very simplified version of Scaler VST ?

I have a kordbot with lays out chords based on type and root. Example, press the maj7 button then press C for a Cmaj7 or press m7 button and A for Am7. This would be awesome too!

I know that’s a lot to ask. Lol…perhaps the sequencer is enough to make us happy.
Thanks again!