Random Findings

after a quick install & test:

  • new server or app is very slow to establish connections (15-30 seconds +), and this happens every time a set is loaded, as the app disconnects ("contreol surface disconnteded’ message on iPad ) every time a set is loaded
  • clip editor - clip colours aren’t assignable/functional. Not that I use them much from touchable, but I just tested this, and it did not work, alas having an interface to do so, suggests it should work
  • clip editor - keyboard/claviatur is not functional in clip edit view. The midi message seems to arrive, and the Live in-clip pianoroll is active to trigger sounds, but Touchable’s in edit mode - clip piano roll presses do not trigger the piano roll (or sounds) in Live
  • Device - wavetable - Mod Source:
    • Amp = none of the bezier handles work
    • Env 2 & 3 = the first bezieer handle is not functional
    • General note / nice to have = switching between the above happens in the background, i.e. the Live UI does not switch to the Mod Source chosen in touchable accordingly, which I have seen in a few other places as well - i.e. tabbed selectors in Live not following touchables’.
  • within 10 minutes of testing I had 3 devices “crash silently”, i.e. touchable main screen turning black/blank while editing - the main app still runs, and going somewhere else and back to devices tab shows the previous device again as if nothing happened
  • I’ve had a fair bit of difficulties getting into devices (with Blue Hands on) occasionally where clicking on a device lead to nothing.


thanks for looking into it and sharing the feedback. we will try to sort out the issues until next beta.