Running touchable pro on same windows laptop as Live

I have read that you can run touchable pro on the same machine that Live is installed on and running. I have just taken the plunge and bought the windows version of touchable pro. I have used it for many years with an ipad and a windows laptop but wanted to try and use just one machine. I have Live 11 installed on a windows laptop (windows 10) and have just installed the windows version of touchable on the same machine but they won’t connect. Anyone else done this successfully and if so any advice on the steps to take to get them to talk to each other would be much appreciated as at the moment I appear to have wasted my money buying the windows version.

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sorry for the inconvenience. Have you installed and started the touchAble server on the same machine?



Yes. I have managed to get it working sometimes but not every time which is weird. Got rtp midi running and also loopbe internal midi. Thought I had sorted it yesterday by running the app first, then the server and then Ableton Live. Seemed to work every time yesterday but now won’t work today!

I am running a pretty new Surface Pro 7.

I have attached a screensjot of my Ableton preferences and also the app when it won’t connect. The app does sometimes freeze and crash as well when I do get it running.

It is running without any problems when I use a separate ipad and connects immediately both via wifi or usb.


we fear that the issue related to the auto reconnection, that may fail under certain circumstances. Could you please test if a reinstall of the windows store app will fix the issue? We will rework the auto connection and allow a manual reconnect, by selecting the server within the next update.

Could you please also send us send us a log via the servers context menu.




Just reinstalled the app from the windows store but the problem still seems to persist. I installed itkn asexond laptop and that seems to connect to the app no problem. Theissuejyst sems to be when using it on the same laptop.

I will send the log as requested.


i am also running the microsoft store app and live on the same machine. after the latest update in late july the connection status keeps blank. my liveset project is not loading anymore (touchable app is not reacting) - but other projects seem to work fine. the templates layouts list is also blank.

i was able to find the part in my project that freezes touchable. i tried to narrow it down as much as i could - this is what i have:

  • track 1 contains a drumrack with 1 instument rack containing several simpler chains
  • track 2 contains a compressor

when i sidechain the compressor to track 1 touchable freezes until a new live project is loaded. unfortunately i am only able to reproduce the problem with this specific drumrack, if some chains are deleted it is possible to enable the sidechain without a freeze of the app. let me know if i can provide anything else, thanks!


As a new windows user (older iPad user) - I also cannot see/load/export my templates either. I did manage to create a template and it is loaded by default but I can’t switch it out without manually renaming the template in the AppData\Local\Packages\zerodebug.touchAblePro_n8xmrrdk4s5k2\LocalState\Layouts
Bottom and Top folders.

Might be a problem with accessing the windows file dialogue as I can’t load images either.

I’m running it on the same computer as Live and it’s connecting OK so far.

I’d be interested in access to the beta if this is something that might have been fixed but I can’t seem to PM (maybe not enough posts here yet?).

Thanks for any help,


I also can’t get the touch app connecting to the server when on same win machine. the server seems to connect ok with live (i got the control surface scripts config fine)… but i have no clue how to get the touchable app working now as it doesn’t detect anything in the connections.

i’ve installed rtp midi, but do we need it? and what kind of configuration do i need to do to it

Hey Limesoft,

I haven’t got rtp midi installed on my laptop so it’s not needed.

I already had the IOS version installed before I installed the windows version but apart from that I didn’t do any special configuration that I remember.

The server shows that I’m running script v. 1745 and I just installed the latest version of the app from the windows store.

The touchable interface shows a green wifi symbol but there are no wifi connections under it because it is local.

Luckily it works so I hope you get it sorted. I’m hoping Pascal might be able to advise about the layouts problem I mentioned earlier but there’s been radio silence since I posted.

Good luck,


I’ve tried the same, with the same results. The lastest server version is running, the control surface thing is shown in Ableton and in the server context menu as running. Just no connection to any device.
I’ve reinstalled everything several times, trying all kinds of different orders I’ve installed and opened the programs.
I have to say that the documentation is terribly outdated and thus really confusing and not helpful at all.
TouchAble is running flawlessly with my Pixel 3, just when I want to run it on my Windows Laptop with touchscreen running Ableton Live, it won’t connect (WIFI icon turns red with no connections available)

Pascal, is there an ETA for the next update with the fix for this issue?

Hi I’m having the exact same issue with server version 1.749.

Control surface recognised by server but TP can’t see server, it can see a remote OSX server fine though.

I agree the windows install documentation could be improved, I’m not sure if itunes or rtp midi is actually required if on same machine?

Hello. I have the same issue. I’m waiting for ideas! thank you

Hi there, two questions:

  • why are the developers absent? :open_mouth:
  • is there a solution to the problem which defintely fixes it? I didnt’ buy Touchable yet, and don’t want to buy something which doesnt work :confused:
    I m on Windows 11, using Ableton 11 and a Dell XPS 9710 Touchscreen. (= Touchscreen and PC are “one”)
    I m reading a possible solution in this thread
    Windows - Ableton and Touchable on same machine
    but also it doesn’t seem to be stable? “this works for a while until touchable pro crashes.”
    I really would hope the developers would fix it, hello there developers :smiley: please?

io ho risolto su Windows funziona |
Installa versione del server 1.749 vai nella cartella di installazione di Windows (di solito program Zerodebug ) nella cartella click desto su Touchable server exe(red ) proprieta esegui sempre come amministratore doppio click esegui installa gli script su ableton apri Touchable pro done!

[quote=“paul, post:15, topic:2614, full:true”]
I solved it on Windows it works |
Install server version 1.749 go to the Windows installation folder (usually Zerodebug program) in the folder click on Touchable server exe (red) properties always run as administrator double click run install scripts suableton open Touchable pro done!

I solved it on Windows it works |
Install server version 1.749 go to the Windows installation folder (usually Zerodebug program) in the folder click on Touchable server exe (red) properties always run as administrator double click run install scripts suableton open Touchable pro done!