Touchable420 version - Loading taking to long

Hi guys,

Just installed the latest 420 version and tested it on both MacOS (El Capitan 10.11.6) and Windows 10.

Trying to open my livesetup (Live 10.0.5) in any of the OS, I’m experiencing a huge delay until Touchable Pro finally connects.

Also Live occasionally freezes for a couple of seconds. From all the tests I’ve done my conclusion is that the Server maybe the cause of it because even if the app is closed on the iPad Pro the problem remains.

For reference trying to open it on Live 9.7.7 (OSX) on a clean set completely freezes Live to the point where it needs to be force shutdown.

This was also happening in the 418 version.


sorry for the inconvenience. Could you maybe try to reinstall the 412 server + scripts. And check, if it is working again?

You also have to replace the after reinstalling them

// Mac
/Applications/Ableton Live 9 Remote Scripts/touchAble
// Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
\ProgramData\Ableton\Live x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\

or change the version numbers (412-> 420) in line 2767 & 2793 in the after reinstalling it.

I’m currently comparing both codes, and couldn’t find a difference that could lead to such lag, so far.



Hi again,

found the reason, why the script could lead Live 9.x.x to crash.

This script file (version 420) should fix it.


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Hi Pascal,

I tried opening Live 9.7.7 with the new .py and it’s working.

About Live 10, I’m still struggling to make it work.
I’m making the jump from Live 9.7.7 to 10 so I’m not aware of the previous versions of the touchable app/server in Live 10.
What I know is that in Live 9 Touchable would load very quick as soon as my Liveset fully loaded.

In Live the 10 the app takes a lot of time to load. Can you post the latest stable build both OSX and windows 64 so I can test this please?


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Should also be muuuuuch better with server & script version 424 :slight_smile:
in fact, i think we are finally at touchAble 3 speed again!