3.0 Compatibility

Hello, is Touchable Pro 3.0 Compatible. I had usb working at one point when I was using lighting out of iPad to USB in to computer. I wanted to be able to charge while using usb so I purchased the Lighting USB 3 Camera adapter which uses USB 3.0. That comes out of my iPad then into my computer. There is no connection at all. So I wondering if there is an compatibly issue with Touchable Pro and 3.0.

Anyone else have any issues with this?

I have my iPad hooked up to a powered Usb hub by plugable. It has two ports that are dedicated to charging. It works great and the connection is stable. Even at full screen brightness it charges.
Besides that I also have 3 midi controllers hooked up it.


touchAble will only communicate via USB, when it is connected with a standard lightning USB cable. Once connected to any other adapter (e.g Camera Adapter) it switches to some kind of host mode, unable to connect properly to the Desktop.



Do you happen to remember the exact model of that powered hub? I’ve been looking for a hub that can power my two iPads while connected to my mac. Wifi has gotten unreliable with my two iPads running touchable simultaneously, so I need to find a way to keep these pads running.

(I actually had a hub that was able to charge the iPads at full speed when connected to power only, but as soon as it was connected to a computer, it switched to “data mode” and the amperage dropped low enough to stop charging the iPads.)

Hi, Yes I remember and I still use it. Its from a company called plugable. I ended up using this company as forums back in the day informed me about their stability and compatibility when hooking up several music orientated midi controllers. This is the model I use but there are others to. The one I got has dedicated charging ports so perhaps that would help the situation.
I have hooked it up with an iPad, Numark Orbit, Launch control xl, Roland A49, Maschine mk2.

Good info, thanks for your help!

I read somewhere that the USB 2 standard (which the iPad Air 2’s I’m currently running use) has power limitations compared to USB3 with the newer iPads. This would explain why my previous hub limited the power output when in data mode compared to charging mode. I really hope this is not the case with plugable hubs too. Do you use a newer version iPad btw?

Hey sorry I have been busy. :slight_smile: Its model A 1893 iPad 6th Gen . Im not sure what year it was from as it was a gift.