About Arrangement View & Note Repeat


I just start to use Touchable Pro with Ableton Live 10. It such Amazing App ! Thanks for the dev

I just have two quick questions

  1. I don’t find any way to get the “Arrangement View” mode. I only see the column Live mode. Is it a way to switch ?

  2. I use Note Repeat with the Pad (I also see for the other kind of device as Keyboards & stuff). It works very well (especially in Hold Mode), but I can’t change the Note Repeat values ? I want to have 1/16 but also 1/16t or dotted. Is it a way to change those parameters ?

Thanks for your answers .



  1. Unfortunately there is no proper way to access information for the arrangement view so far. As soon as it is accessible we will integrate it.

  2. We included a switch between triplets and “normal” in the next update. Though dotted beat repeat is not part of the update yet. But i put it on the feature list.



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your answer, I appreciate it

ok for the arrangement view… No problem but it will be cool to integrate it when you can access to it

for the note repeat, so dope ! Do you have an idea of the release date for the next update ?


the beta has already been released, after we fixed all new bugs, it will be made public. Hopefully next week.

Ok thanks for your feedback.

Hope to have new version next week :slight_smile:

Good luck for all the bug fixes…

Hi, is there any new of making the arrangement view visible in Touchable yet? Tnx, Ties