Absolutely love the new app!!!!

Hello! I’m new to the forum here, but as a previous owner of a Push, and Push 2, I’m all about this beautiful app! I’ve been using Touch-Able since it’s first incarnation on and off, but never truly learned it as well as I should have, but this is all about to change! So far I’m able to do everything I’ve wanted to do and more, with the exception of opening a new midi piano side scroll window (an instrument is on the track), and it defaults to having the keys silent, also, haven’t had time to figure out how to turn on the keys from the iPad yet, but if this is possible, I’d love to know! Right now I’ve been turning it on via the laptop and inputting notes. Any idea when the in app purchase of custom controls for plugins / synths will be available?




Hi, thank you very much for your feedback.

Sorry didn’g get that. Do you wan’t to arm a track?

It’s already functional and we will release it within one of the next updates.


P.S please review and rate the App on the Appstore :slight_smile:

Hello again! I want to select a midi track, put an empty midi clip on it with an instrument (say analog) and hear the notes while inputting them in the piano side scroll editor of the clip. At this point I can do everything I want to do with the app, but just have to get used to using it. Also, when selecting a control surface on the Sonic Faction “Tricky Traps” option, it’s grayed out. This may be due to the setup of the Touchable Output being left blank. It has two options, Push and Touchable. I can live without these though, but playing the clip and hearing what I’m composing would be great. I can do this by turing on the audio in the computer, but is there a way from the iPad?

I think I know what Tweekhead’s talking about, and I agree. It would be really nice if tapping on a key in the MIDI editor or adding a note actually sounded the instrument on the track.

Agreed! That would be very useful on complex drum racks with 100 sounds…
Now that I’m here- would be amazing if the names of each pad in a drum rack would be written both on keyboard in MIDI Edit Mode and in 64 Pad mode…

Hello again, It’s been a year now and this still hasn’t been resolved. Is it an issue with Sonic Faction that Touchable Pro cannot fix, or did this slip under the radar?


They promised an update by the end of October. It did not come. The app is unusable as is. Touchable three is great! I hope they will come with an update. This app is potentially fantastic, but not as it is…