Android - "App has stopped responding"

Samsung tablet running Android 10, connecting to Windows 10.

If I leave the app open, connected and idle for too long the app itself will freeze, which eventually leads to a computer crash (as far as I can tell looking through event logs). Ableton and all other control surface work perfectly when the Android app freezes.

When trying to use the app once it has frozen I get a message saying “app has stopped responding” with a menu for “restart app,” “wait for app to respond” and cancel - if I restart it the app starts right up, connects and works straight away. Left idel for too long and it seems to cause a critical Kernal Power - 41 shut down on the connected computer.

Anyone else have this problem with the Android app freezing? Seems like an app/tablet issue, though I’m not sure why that would cause a computer shutdown except maybe causing a critical network error… I’m ~95% sure this is what’s causing the computer shutdown so there is a margin of error for another very coincidental cause.

Anyway, the issue to address being the Android App freezing up.