Any plans to support ARRANGE view ?

I’m guessing Touchable at the moment is just for SESSION mode … but…

would it make sense to support ARRANGE stuff as well?


Yea - unfortunately there is not much of interest in Lives API to support the arrangement view. But we’ll keep an eye out - whenever they add them, we’ll be on it!

maybe some mackie hui style page with jog wheel loop in loop out
and shortcut buttons for arragment view ? customizeable shortcut page with jog wheel style XD ?

I dream of an arrangement view to :wink: … But one thing at a time :wink:

I dream of a “back to arrangement” button.; I used an old iPhone running MIDI ProDesigner for my BTA button

I too use arrangement view quite often, and some basic controls for it would be most welcome. I.E. jumping to markers, loop brace on/off, coupled with the same wonderful track controls & mixer layouts you’ve already got. As a long time user I’m sticking with you cats either way. :slight_smile:

I agree, arrange view is more than important for your song arrangement, this app is great for the ideas stage and it will be even better when the IAP enters, but then you want Ableton to run like a conventional DAW, the app no longer serves its purpose :disappointed:. As @Nailmusic mentioned, basic controls would be a fantastic start and a game changer, been able to scroll screen and up and down through each tracks, drawing automation. Even if we are limited to a dedicated phrase/loop length. One can only hope :thinking:

I second this, created a topic which might be redundant… but here’s hoping :slight_smile:

Any updates regarding the Ableton API to support arrangement view? Hopefully this would be happening in near future :slight_smile:

Not really anything useful i’m afraid…
There are some API calls for arrangement, but it’s not yet sufficient to do anything close to whats possible on session view atm.
we’ll keep looking! :slight_smile:

Could you implement changing Arrangement & Session views?