App crashes and doesn't work - App store won't refund

I would really like to be able to use my iDevices as MIDI controllers for PC.
The studioMUX app was “sort of” working for that, but only connected sometimes and was tweaky.
The app manual is unfortunately not very helpful and gives no clear instructions for getting the app working, and no help whatsoever for troubleshooting any potential problems.

And now, the app does not seem to work with iOS 16, and crashes very often. The PC-side StudioMUX Server seems to connect with the app, but no data is going to the DAW like it was sometimes before.

Any help would be most welcome, including:

  1. How can I communicate directly with someone to get this working?
  2. Has the app been tested with iOS 16?
  3. What is the plan to solve these problems?
  4. Has this app been abandoned? I ask since most of the ZeroDebug help pages associated with the app are missing entirely, and other users are asking the same question.
  5. How can I get a refund (other than the App store which is not giving any)?


Be forewarned everyone. The level of support here for this app is NIL and refunds from the app store are very time-limited.

The app is completely broken in ios 16, & the developers have gone missing from all their internet addresses & this forum. Looks like they’ve given up on it. Probably still works on ios 15.

Refunds can be requested for up to 90 days from the purchase date from apple, & If you are in the EU you will get an automatic refund if requested within 14 days of purchase (90 day apple limit still applies)

Yes StudioMUX Server is buggy and broken, even before iOS 16. So much for “ZeroDebug”…Not!

One great alternative seems to be the laptop-side rptMIDI app (for PC or Mac), along with some iOS connection app like NetMIDI or similar.

If you’re only after an iDevice MIDI controller I’d recommend TouchOSC. The app is fantastic and the team are incredibly helpful. They sometimes take a while to reply but the help they offer is in-depth and incredibly useful.

I was using StudioMux to have two-way audio over USB so I’m going to try figure out if an old iPad (pre iOS 16) can salvage the setup. If I have success I’ll report back.