App still crashes

The app seems doomed for the purpose I am using it: building my own interface.

Discovering Touchable Pro. After 10 minutes of setting up a grid, adding a mixer component, and finally discovering the different types of controls, it crashes!

Trying again for about 6 times. Crashes for example after trying to change the color of a button (the colors do not show btw).

Still doesn’t work…

Working on a fairly new IPad Pro.

Dear people @zerodebug. Are you aware of this? Will the app ever be stable enough to use in a concert setting where it cannot fail and has to be trusted?


sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently working on a big update concentrating on app stability and connectivity. We will probably release the update next week, or the week after.



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tnx for the reply. Can’t wait!
Keep us posted!


Buy TouchAble Pro since its launch (before using TouchAble 3).
It still does not work for my concerts. It usually crashes. But still, I see that it is more stable than before.
It would really be great if they manage to make it work.

Especially the editor. It would be really great to have these tools to put together the setup in the performances.

We look forward to the update.

Note: it would be fine, in the editor’s area. The buttons assigned to ARM, change color instead of 0/2 to 1/2. The color change works for mute for example. But not for ARM. I hope I can explain myself.