Audio track clip editor offsync + squished


Hello there,

Clip Editor, for an audio track, shows the wave form incorrectly.

  1. Should be starting at the first line. When audio is played, wave form is offsync.
  2. Looks like the wave form is also shorted compared to the grids, which causes wave form to be misaligned with what I see in able.

I’m on latest touchable pro (ios 12) + ableton live 10 v10.0.3

Is this a known issue?




All right. I found the problem. Audio clip has to start at 1:1. I use ableton to DJ and I set a clip with negative values to indicate 1:1 where the drop is. Could you support audio clips that starts with a negative value?

By the way, I really dig this app! Good job!



I put it on the feature/update list. We will see what we can do. Best