AudioMuxDriver.kext - Do you have Version 2 or 3 Installed?

I use an app on the Mac called MacUpdater - which tracks updates to VST’s and Audio Units. For quite some time it’s been telling me the AudioMuxDriver.kext on my system (Version 2), is outdated - with the current version being 3.0. The path to this file is: /Library/Extensions/AudioMuxDriver.kext. However, deleting it, along with any other Studiomux related files I can find related to Studiomux, then installing the latest version - I still get the same message about 2.0 being outdated. This has been for at least a month or 2 - I’m just getting around to posting.

So I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this? Or does anyone have version 3.0 of the AudioMuxDriver.kext installed?

If you navigate to /Library/Extensions/AudioMuxDriver.kext - then Right Click on the Kext file - click Show Package Contents. Open the Info.plist file there - and look for the line CFBundleVersion - the line that follows will have the <string?2 or maybe <3> if you’ve got the updated version.