Automating the session ring (redbox)

Hi I would like to automate where the session grid is placed, either from max for live or CLYPHX. I have certain areas for certain songs and would like to navigate to them at the touch of a button. I understand traditional commands that work with other controller scripts don’t work, perhaps there is an OSC address I could fire into the daemon or surface script?

Interested in doing this in v3 or pro.


it is not possible to send these commands from touchAble"s Editor. We would have to integrate the command attached below… a general integration of OSC messages would be way to go, but also a tremendous amount of work. Have to check if it is worth it.



Hi thanks for that info

I tried to send “/live/selection 2, 2, 2, 2” to localhost 9111 and 9008 and had no joy. I am using maxmsp’s udpsend. Am I using the right port there?

Does the maxmsp script work with other scripts? Ports are ok. Could please try to send a command without arguments:



Hi the max patch is very basic, I have used the udpsend component in the past to talk to Lemur. I’ve attached what it looks like. It didn’t trigger the tap_tempo unfortunately. I’m wondering if the messages should be tcp instead of udp because the 9111 and 9008 ports listed as TCP when running lsof.53

Hi, you are right christian changed the communication protocol between server and script from UDP to TCP.

ah ok this explains it. I’ve been playing around with this this claims to send OSC over tcp but it’s just not working with those touchable ports. I’ve hit a brick wall.