AUv3 out of tune & other issues

Hello. I’m running StudioMux v. 5516 on iPadOS 14.7.1, StudioMux Instrument v. 5093 on Bitwig 3.3.10 (Windows 10 v. 20H2). AUv3 instruments loaded into StudioMux sound out of tune, off by about a half-step. IAA instruments don’t seem to be affected by this.

On the other hand, neither IAA or AUv3 respond to MIDI cc’s or pitch bend sent from Windows to the iPad through Studiomux (note-on and note-off messages are fine).

One more question, are you dropping support of VST2? The old VST DLLs don’t seem to work with this version of the server (or with the old server and the recently update iPad app, for that matter).


One more issue I have noticed: when routing audio into Studiomux from AUM, after a few seconds of inactivity, there is initially increased latency, with sound below pitch, and then it gradually “catches up”, latency goes back to normal, and things stay in tune until the next stretch of inactivity, at which point the situation is repeated. I’ll be happy to send you an audio example if I’m not making myself clear.

Good news. Today’s update seems to fix the pitch issues for both AUv3 and IAA.

However, the MIDI controller problem remains.

How did you manage to run IAA there? Im on Bitwig 4.0.1 and got issues with IAA.

Nothing special. They just ran.

I see that we use different versions of Bitwig,
I’m on 4.0.1. But still have something to test about right settings


unfortunately Steinberg dropped support for Pitch/Mod wheel and MIDI CC signals since VST3 as far as i understood the refernce right. There are noumerous discussions in their forum about it. E.G.

On Mac we could create VST2’s with the help of the VST3 SDK, unfortunately those are not transmitting CC’s as well.

The VST2 SDK officially got abondend by Steinberg, making it hard to develope native VST2’s.

Maybe find a solution, we have not thought about yet.