[bug] Deleting snapshot doesn't work in XY module


In XY module, once you save a snapshot, you can not delete it. I tried holding the delete button and pressing on a snapshot–it does nothing

Discovered another unrelated bug:
In template editor, trying to select a color for a control opens a panel of blank colors, and selecting one of them will cause the app to crash.

I’m on the latest version touchable pro on latest version iOS iPad Pro 12.9" 1st gen


Also, would be cool to have the snapshot grid feature in the template editor module as well :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. I put the bugs on the list for the the next update. The feature request is also noted. Though we have to find a proper way to integrate it…


Awesome, thank you!

An idea for the snapshots implementation in template editor: Add a new object in the bottom bar (ex: “Snapshot Button”) so users can add snapshot buttons to their custom templates. Snapshot buttons can just function like the ones in the XY Module :slight_smile:

Since you guys are planning to use the template editor for the upcoming release of the device template editor, this snapshots implementation would work perfectly with device templates as well.

Anyway, awesome work and can’t wait until TouchAble Pro is fully fleshed out. A lot of potential :+1:


Hi again,
does this issue occur on with a specific control? Unfortunately i cannot reproduce the issue. Thx.



Here’s a screenshot.

It seems to happen with any control that uses the color grid.