[Bug] Switching Plugin Presets causes Ableton & touchAble pro unresponsiveness for up to 90s (macOS & iOS)


When switching presets in FabFilter plugins (e.g. Timeless, Saturn, …) both Ableton and touchAble do hang up for a (too) long period of time. I think that they want to synchronize the available plugin parameters and maybe there are too many? Or the way FabFilter advertises them is stange?

Observated on a Macbook Pro 2018 15" & iPhone 8 Plus with the latest releases of macOS and iOS.

If my guesses are correct a quick fix (at least for my use case) would be to add an option to touchAble pro to disable synchronizing of plugin parameters.



Hi, is just downloaded the Plugin Timeless and couldn’t reproduce the issue you mentioned. When switching a preset in Timeless the parameters seem to update instantaneously Do you have the latest App and server (426) version? Best