Buy Studiomux again?

Hi there

I bought Studiomux a few years ago and have just tried to install on a new iPad but the App Store says I need to buy it again. Can you help?


If you purchased it in the past, go to your purchased apps list and download from there.

There is an App Store bug that occasionally doesn’t recognize that you purchased an app but when you go to purchase tells you that you already purchased it.

Thanks but it’s not in my purchased apps. Does anyone know how to contact Zerodebug?

Did you have a different AppleID?

You will need to contact Apple. Developers don’t receive identifying information about purchasers. Only Apple would have records. If it doesn’t show up in your purchased apps AND you purchased it with your current AppleID, there has been a glitch in the AppStore and only Apple would be able to fix it. Besides the purchased apps list, there is also a way in the App Store to see your purchase history.

Also, it is possible from my past experiences grrrrrr, to “Hide” a purchase and it will look like you’ve not purchased it before. As @easelec mentioned, its a issue with the Apple Store and/or your AppleID account.

Thanks. No same ID. I’ll try Apple support. Thanks for your help!

Did you check your purchase history (which is different from the purchased apps list and accessed through the Settings app and not the App Store)? I’ve never heard of a purchased app not being found in at least one of those two places.