Can I use an Android Tablet with a Mac Computer

Hi Folks! Question: I have an Android Galaxy Tab.A with the Touchable Pro app now installed from google play store. I am trying to make it work with ableton live 11 on my Mac (latest Big Sur)…

Ive downloaded the ‘mac installer’ for touchable and run this to completion so that the icon appears on top right side of my menu bar. Ive also installed the Mac server for ableton 11 and after restarting the mac it is now found in the Touchable Pro app icon in menu bar too.

Both the Mac and the Android Tablet are connected to the same Wifi AND I have done the correct set up in the Ableton Preferences. However, when I open the Touchable app on the Tablet it doesn’t connect to the Mac. Is connecting Android to Mac like this even possible to achieve or am I going to have to purchase an ipad in order to achieve this realistically?

Any Help Greatly Appreciated


we have just finalised the latest update including USB connection for Android -> Mac. To get it working please install the latest App:

and Server:

Before a USB conenction can be established the USB driver must be installed, to do so please use the servers, context menu ‘Install ADB’:

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 19.35.07

Thereafter please restart server and App.