Can touchAble controls input exact value?


Hi I’m new to touchAble Pro. I would like to ask if there is any method to enter exact value in the controls for the app. I think it is a critical feature as sometime I always could not set the value I want by twisting those controls. I’m grad that the controls support “default values” by double tapping the controls. However, I found some default value is strange. For example, those fader has +6dB as default value instead of 0dB. The gain control in clip has default value of +4dB instead of 0dB… I couldn’t figure out how these values were determined…

The exact value input is quite critical to me… I will be interested in device template designer if I can input the exact values in controls. I know some input may not be a simple numerical value but there should be ways to solve the problem as Ableton Live did. Consider holding the controls to trigger the exact input with a custom number only keyboard on the UI.


I am looking for this too.


Thanks for the feedback.

We will try to implement this within one of the next updates.

I will also look into the false default values.