Cannot connect Live 10 with Server 424 on Windows 7


Windows 7 x64, Live 10.0.5.

I went through the install procedure carefully, even including reinstalling rtpMIDI and iTunes.

First problem: touchAble server doesn’t put an icon in the system tray even though Task Manager shows that the server is running. If I kill the server process and start it again manually, the icon now appears.

If I now install the scripts in my Live 10.0.5 installation and start Live, the MIDI preferences let me select touchAble as a control surface but do not offer the possibility of selecting anything related to touchAble for input or output.

I am still using touchAble v3 on my iOS devices because I want to be sure that the server is working before buying the touchAble Pro app. And indeed if I launch touchAble v3 on my iPhone, it lets me connect to Live and (apparently) launch clips. However, Live’s preferences still do not allow me to select touchAble for input or output, and indeed if I change something directly in Live using my computer mouse and keyboard, that change is not reflected in the iPhone.

Any troubleshooting suggestions would be welcome.