Can't connect Touchbale 3 anymore

Not sure what happened, but I can no longer connect Touchable 3 at all. Touchable Pro still connects fine, but until the Template Editor for Pro is fixed, I really need to stick with T3. Running v3.4.3 of the app on my iPad with server package touchAble_426_x64. I’ve been able to run T3 & Pro side by side up until now. Any help is appreciated.


could you please use the old server for now. We already uploaded a v3 version that is fully compatible with pro and v3 but apple doesn’t want to review it, telling us the v3 and pro is kind of the same app…

Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thanks, that makes Touchable 3 work again. Reverting to this version DID cause one problem: I use ClyphX Pro heavily, and up until now, the Touchable script & ClyphX Pro worked fine simultaneously. After reverting to this old server, I have to choose one or the other - they won’t work simultaneously. The one that works is the one chosen in the ‘Control Surface’ box in Live’s Preferences. Hopefully an update will let me use both together again because it is a ridiculously powerful combination.

Hi, we have uploaded an update for touchAble v3 2 month ago, since then we are fighting with Apple. Up to know they haven’t reviewed the App cause they rank it as spam, saying it is the same App as touchAble Pro… The update would be compatible with the v3 and the Pro server… Fingers crossed that the v3 App got reviewed and release one day. Best

Just a quick update:
The update was released a while ago - and it makes touchAble 3 compatible with the latest Server.

Please download and install the latest version from and make sure to install the Scripts afterwards.