Connection Problem - iPad Pro to Ableton / Macbook Pro


I’m having trouble connecting TouchAble to Ableton, it was working a few days ago but now my Macbook name doesn’t show up in the Connection Status. I’ve followed all the instructions and tried reinstalling both the app, servers and scripts.

On the app it says Connection Status v. 1.631.



sorry for the inconvenience. Has there been a recent update on your phone or mac?

Please try to delete and reinstall the iOS App, and install the latest server:



Hello. Thanks for the latest script. Issues I’m noticing: Titles for tracks/scenes not showing- they are blank. Sometimes there is a lag /delay with some functions.

Hi, it’s a new iPad that I got about a week ago.

Just tried downloading the new server, and it’s still not connecting. I reinstalled the iOS app. I should have mentioned I’m using Touchable Pro, if that makes a difference.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 9.22.44 PM

Since my iPad is still on v 1.631, is there the same version as .dmg I can try?

Hi Pascal,

I’ve reinstalled the iOS app, and it looks like it’s on v. 1.645. Still not finding my Macbook name in the Connection Status window. I’ve also installed the scripts for 1.645 on my computer. I’m hesitant to try the new 1.646, as it isn’t matching my current iOS version. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

Kind Regards


both the App and the Server needs a Network permission, granted by the user, have granted those permissions? The should pop up on first App/Server start.

Also please make sure, that your devices are connected to the same Network, to test you could ping your iOS device.

You can do so by opening the terminal on your mac (Applications/Utitlites/Terminal) and enter the following command

ping your_ip_adress

Replace your_ip_address by your iOS devices ip address you will find it here:

Settings->WiFi-> -> IP4 Addressess -> IP Adress