Control surface stops responding randomly

Dear Pascal,
I was hoping this would get solved by itself but its a persisting problem!

The problem is that Touchable will disconnect from Live without any warning. “Control Surface Responding” will change from “Yes” to “No”. This happens in a smooth way, no audio cuts, it just looses it. Touchable will still show selected as a “Control Surface”.

Touchable is still sending Midi out messages though, but all information about the set (like tracks) disappear from the app. On the App, connection lost and trying to find a new one constantly.

The only fix to this problem is to restart Touchable Server and de-select and re-select Touchable as a control surface on Ableton settings.

I am worried that this might happen in a middle of a performance so doing this fix is not practical in that situation (audio cuts off when changing control surface).

I would really appreciate any suggestions. This happens both when connected through USB and on Wifi.

I am running Ableton Live 11 on Intel MacBook Pro with Big Sur.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

I dont remember the exact Touchable Server version I have, but it is not the latest, as I was having much more serious problems and downgraded. It says “install scripts V. 1718”.
Thanks !


sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please upload a Live log? These disconnects you encounter may occur, when the script sends unprocessable data to our server.


/Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live x.x.x/Log.txt

Hi Pascal!
Thank you very much for looking into it :slight_smile:
I have uploaded the Log file to Wetransfer, as it was quite large (130 Mb):

Many thanks again.


thanks for sending. Its seems like the trouble starts when sending the name of one the clips or devices in track (20 or 21…). I couldn’t narrow it down more precisely.

Could you first please try to install the latest server from our homepage?

From version 1.727 the script will be installed into Live’s user library as recommended by Ableton, you may need to reselect the script in Live’s MIDI prefs, after installing the new server.

Also delete the complete Live log. It was pretty messed up by touchable, sorry.



Hi Pascal!
Thank you very much, Im happy to report that Touchable is now running flawlessly after following your suggestions :slight_smile:

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