Controls attach to track name rather than number

I have a complicated Ableton session that I use for live playing. My ipad runs touchable pro, which I find great for building custom pages to attach instrument/automation parameters to, or even basic stuff like volume faders for tracks to.

Trouble is, the parameters only seem to be referenced by their track number. so I can build a really complicated series of pages that work perfectly for me live, but if I (accidentally or through necessilty) add a track high up the session which causes all the numbers to shift +1, the entire setup becomes unusable.

This is REALLY annoying, and means I have to go through heavy workarounds to not end up re-editing many many pages for it to work again.

It shouldn’t be like this, so I’m hoping there’s a way around it. Editing parameters is hard enough at the best of times, especially as when you choose to link to a new parameter the name changes as well. Makes the system almost unusable for me.

Anyone got any suggestions? thank you in advance.