Current Support for Touchable Pro (Windows 11)

Hello. My first post here so please forgive me if this has asked/answered before.

Is Touchable Pro still being supported/developed? I am having problems having the scripts show up in Control Surface / Input tab a Lenovo Slim pad i7. I’ve downloaded the most current scripts and installed per instructions.
I used early versions of touchable but got away from working with Live for a while. Back to it now and want to be sure this app will continue to function in the foreseeable future.

I am using touchable on my macbook(s) with no problems.

Thanks for any info about the problem and the viability of the app overall.

On windows you have to make special connection with other softwares. Itunes, bonjour and if you d’ont want itunes you can install a file to get the thing working. With me it do it on windows local. Look for install procedure in google to install it.

I would be very curious as well as to the plans / support for Touchable as well as StudioMux et al.
The recent forum outage, coupled with neither Pascal nor Christian having posted in over 9 months is more than a bit worrying for the future of this great tool.