Custom view to show Max4Live Message Value (dynamic)

I’m hoping some guru might be able to aim me in the right direction…

I have a hacked max4live device that displays the current parameter mapping and resulting dial value for the 8 encoders on my MPK249 (which are dynamically changed in my live set using Clyphx Pro Bindings).

I can see how I can create a view that will show the dials, but I want to also be able to see the mapping (currently in a max4live message object which displays on my PC view). Is there any way to have an object in Touchable that will display this value and change dynamically when I change it via Clyphx Bindings (and my max4live object). I can change how it is recorded in max4live if necessary.

For example, I was looking at changing the shortname of the dial (which is automatically shown for Live dials), but this is set when the device is set-up and hence does not change in Touchable Pro.

Anyone have any ideas how to achieve this.
(My aim is to do away with the laptop screen and only work off the iPad, but cannot afford to lose visibility of my mappings)