DDJ 200 Compatibility

Hello there wonderful people!

I just bought your awesome app and was wondering if I can use a Pioneer DDJ 200 to midi map some handles?

It looks like it can only connect to the iPad via Bluetooth, and only from within a select few apps, and not from the iOS bluetooth connection settings, as far as I know.

I’ve seen a paid app called Midiflow which says it allows us to send MIDI from app to app, but am not sure if this is necessary or helpful in this combo.

Does anybody know or can offer hints on how to link up the DDJ 200 to Soda?

Cheers and keep this up please!

Ok, for anybody wondering about the same thing, I somehow managed to get it working just by connecting to the controller via Pioneer’s official WeDJ app, then when switching to soda and jumping into the MIDI mapping mode all buttons knobs and faders work.

The Jog wheels however, they have a problem with the range they can extend to. For example when mapped to the Playing position, they can only fast forward or rewind for the -+127 steps you get out of a MIDI signal, translated on the waveform that would only be a couple of beats here and there, so it seems you can’t use them for scrubbing through your track unfortunately :frowning:

I’ve tried everything, the control type is set to Continuous automatically as I move the jog wheel, but it doesn’t seem to be doing it right. I’ve tried other modes but they aren’t helpful either.

Though I think this issue with the jog wheels is notoriously present with most software, many others can overcome it using some kind of scripting hacks. Is there any solution for this on Soda please?