Dead notes on keyboard & odd piano roll behavior

Hey all,
I’m having some odd issues. I’m running the latest version of the (android) app and the server, running Live 11 inside of windows 11. I have recently reinstalled Live, Touchable server, rtpMIDI and the app on the tablet.

When using the keyboard, rather using the standard layout or iso, there is a string of about 4 notes that are dead - they are not even sending a MIDI signal to live. I’ve tested this with another device and had the same issue, so it’s not hardware related. Zero issues with a regular MIDI keyboard, so it seems that it’s a touchable issue.

The other odd issue is with the piano roll. If i tap a box to add a note, it fills in a note the whole length of the clip. After doing this it also changes the behavior of adding notes on the piano roll inside of live, which then starts doing the same thing. So I want to add a quarter note but get a long 2 bar note (or whatever the clip length is).

Prior to trying the use the Touchable piano roll the piano roll inside of Live works perfectly.

I’m at an absolute loss.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve searched and searched and couldn’t find anything related to these issues.

Thanks for any help or insight!


I have the have the same issue on Mac OS Mojave,live 10 Touchable pro IOS on ipad mini 2