downloading program

I bought touchable 3 in 2018.
It was erased from my iPad.
I can’t download it now for a second time.
What could I do ?

Same with Soda Dj… it started yesterday, that all of AppBC apps are not reachable from Appstore. I live in Hungary it says its region locked. What country you live?

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In France.

Same in Germany

Apple now automatically removes apps from the store that have not been updated in a while, might have to do something with that. Theoretically you should still be able to download removed apps with your account if you bought them though, not sure why this is not the case here.

Friends, my suggestion is, to immediately backup your installed applications following this guide

Unfortunately Apple removed officially from iTunes 12.7 version to backup apps, only data is stored.

But using iMazing you can extract the app data and download and Export the app itself as an IPA file.
Also you can download a previously purchased app via this method, if the last (but considered old) version of the program is still on iTunes Store.

Thank you!

now I can download touchable 3 from appstore!