Drum kit crash


Hello , here for a new bug tracking game :wink:
on the ios 9.3.5 ipad 2 .
In fact it happen since 3 days but i was waiting the windows app to work to see if it make the same things…and the answer is “no” . nothing crash on windows app.
The ios app crash when i add a drum kit or if one drum kit is present in my live set.
I discovered it cause my set worked good with touchable pro then i added a template with a drum kit named “streets kit” from the pack “chop and swing” . then i tested with other kit from packs and native library . And yeah it crash all the time.
i tested with “safe house kit” , “peace kit” , “numerology kit” , and “kit_vocody” .
But i also tested with empty kit or with a kit with “empty pads” like when you just want the name of the pad but have no device in it . And it does not crash.
That’s all ! Thanks guys for your big work ! :slight_smile:


After a lot of experimenting and testing, i can make a supposition.Perhaps , the bug is due to the number of pad that are in the drum rack.

  • when i have the full “streets kit” it crashed :slight_smile:
    the logo appear and seems to disappear (it begin to fade) then appear fully again and the app crash)
    -when i get around 11 pads (by removing a lot of pads) it load touchable pro and the logo disapear but , you can’t touch the pads on the ipad and finaly it crash.
    -when i remove one more to have 10 pads, it works.
    i made then for the moment a “streets kit compatible with touchable pro” lol :wink:

yeah, and one last weird behavior.
in this experimentation , at one point (don’t remember when exactly when removing adding things) the ipad app worked but the windows app crashed. then i restarted the windows app and the ipad app crashed… pfiouf! that’s all for today; let’s go back to life :wink:


in fact i’m not so shure that it is only due to drumkit…don’t know :wink: but i can’t use my live set with touchable pro. It works perfectly with touchable 3 both on ios.
Thanks !


Hey zengel,

any chance that you could send us that set to check?
we can’t get it to crash with the drum kits alone here :confused:

Thank you!


Hi Christian. Yeah i will do it for you cause i love you :grin:
I send it by the support mail ;p


oups…i thought i sent it but finally not…now it’s done :wink:


Did you get it (my live session) ? cause i don’t see it on the support thread relative to the crash .


unfortunately no … there seems to be an issue with our helpdesk provider at the moment. Argh!
Could you send it to christian@zerodebug.com ?


Done at your email :slight_smile:


No crash here with our current version - could well be that we fixed this one in the past week of work.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:


cool ! Can’t wait to test !! :slight_smile:


Touchable pro with 418 still crash on my ipad with my live set where touchable 3 works perfectly. not shure at all that it is from drum but when i remove all my drum rack it works. .it crashes and it come back on the screen to choose app on my ipad .
What could i do to help ? :slight_smile:

yes ! i forget to mention that the windows app does not crash to ! :wink:


The same problem here! Ableton Live 10.0.5 and the newest server… 4.25, iPad Air 2 running Touchable 3 updated. Without a DrumRack all works fine… Now i just can use my drumRacks with my PUSH… :tired_face:


Hi, we are really sorry for the inconvenience. We just found and fixed a critical bug that could cause the app to crash, when a simpler is in slice mode. We will release the update asap.