Editing clips from the arrange view

First of all, I like the midi editor very much, it operates very smooth and is really helpful!

I would like to be able to edit clips that are in arrange view, at the moment I can only access clips that are in session view (or maybe I overlooked something).

Maybe a way to access arrange view clips for editing (without having to build an arrange window view), would be to have a dropdown in the midi editor where you can select the clips from the arrange view from the clipselector dropdown (1) once your are in the midi editor:


we really appreciate you like the midi clip editor :).

Unfortunately Live’s API regarding the arrangement view is very limited and the midi clips are not part of the API. We hope Ableton will integrate more arrangement view features in future.



That’s ashame, seems like a vital feature missing in Live’s API.

For now I found a somewhat clunky work-around by consolidating time to scene from the arrange view, this will export everything from the arrange view to the session view, at that point you could access the clips and edit them, but it’s not ideal.

Thanks for looking into it anyway, keep up the great work :+1:

I guess this will be out topic question, but by any chance do you know any You tube or and manual to kick start this app, I got it since march this year and I not be able to use because of the of Information