enquiring about Studiomux 4.1.6 vs studiomux5 on the horizon

im new to the studiomux and the apple ipad enviroment regarding music making…
but i am very familiar with making music using daws such as reaper&maschine

my question regarding the new studiomux5 which is in the works… having read briefly the beta-testing etc…
if i purchased the 4.1.6 version… will this give me free upgradeable access to the newer version.

this basis of this question is purely avoiding to have to double purchase… in the event of a upgrade?
can anyone shed any light on this.
would love to know if it is better to wait, or purchase now
i have an ipad air V1… os 12.5.2 which im looking to use with the windows 10 desktop
thanks in advance


the studiomux 5 updrade will be totaly free. Since we have an open testing track, you can simply use the beta version for now, before purchasing the store version.



thank you for clarifying