Feature Request: Audio Routing

I recently found Soda and I like it a lot. I love the flexibility and the high level of customization.

There is one feature that I would love to see added, which is the ability to route each Deck output directly to an audio interface stereo channel. This would allow me to use my multichannel sound card to route into separate channel in my external mixer.

I am a fan of the app and I am also an experience iOS developer. If you are looking for any help maintaining or expanding the app, please hit me up directly.

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If SODA is still in development I would like to second this. I am looking for a customizable and lightweight dj app to include in my AUM setup. I would love to be able to route the decks to different outputs.

Also, there are not that many good options for basic dj applications on iOS yet, this appoach is very nice!

I would love to see SODA as a multiroute AUv3 :slight_smile:

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hey guys :slight_smile:
soda is definitely still in development - still the app i use most and i fix whatever i find and see - including crash reports / issues that users might have - so if you are using it - please turn on ‘share with app developers’ so i can check what’s happening:)

i’m working on the external routing feature as i type this - finally got a bus-powered audio-interface with 4 outs so i’m able to actually debug! (errrr… i mean no… zero debugging ofc - just able to intuitively fix any issues that might arise!)

@carnbot :smirk: i’ll add external routing & multiroute with AB / IAA first, but auv3 was always on the list… not that far away these days i think :slight_smile:
happy to see you around here btw :smiley:

if you haven’t updated in a while, i’d suggest to give it a try guys - fixed many many issues that have been laying silent for months & years - and think it’s a much smoother experience overall.
coming update will include background analyzing of the library along other fixes - and as just mentioned - external routing isn’t very far off!

hit me up if you have any special requests or wishes!